Classic Recent Posts customization

Hello -

I have two questions about using Classic Recent Posts.

1 - I’d like to include all categories but 1 (“podcast”). As our blog archive grows we are adding more categories and don’t want to list the categories to include in case we add more categories later. Is it possible to easily tell it to include every category but one?

2 - The featured images are all square but they show as cropped in a fixed rectangle. How do I set them to show the full square image for the thumbnail.

Thanks -Erin

Hi Erin,

Thank you for writing in, Recent Posts element is a basic post grid element and regretfully we can not provide a customization for it. Instead I advise to utilize the Essential Grid or The Grid extension.

Essential Grid
The Grid

Yes, these grids can do what you describe in your #1 and #2 questions.


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