Classic elements moving foward

Hi Pro Theme Developers,

As you move forward with improvements in the Pro theme, I just wanted to make a plea for NOT eliminating any of the classic elements. I began using the X Theme 4 years ago and grew accustomed to writing my own CSS and organizing it in a consistent way that I use on all my sites.

To be honest, I find the new sections, rows and elements with the ability to set margin, padding, box shadow, border radius, etc. really cumbersome to use. I’ve dabbled with the apply preset functionality, but given how much CSS I write, I think I would have so many presets the list would be an eye-test. I would prefer to just assign a class to an element that I set up using CSS and be done with it.

All this to say that I prefer working with CSS in a global style sheet where I can adjust those “presets” and achieve the same outcome for a lot less hassle.

Admittedly, I am not that familiar with with all the new functionality although I love the global blocks concept and plan on becoming more familiar with that. The template manager is awesome too!
Maybe you’ve already decided to keep the classic elements; I just wanted you to know how one web developer feels. And I completely understand how people not comfortable writing CSS would love the new elements.

I continue to be so grateful for having found your theme when I began web development four years ago, and I really appreciate all the thought and work that goes into keeping Pro at the Apex of WordPress themes!

Thanks for listening,

Hello Nancy,

Thanks for writing in and for sharing your views. :slight_smile:

  1. Let me assure you that Classic element are here and are not going away. We know that customers love to use Classic Element because of the ease of use and simplicity. In that regards, we don’t have any plans to drop Classic Elements from our Product offering.
  2. In second paragraph you are not comfortable with the advance options. You have the option to disable advance options from Pro > Settings > User Preference > Advanced Mode select Always Off. Here is a screencast.

To learn more I suggest you to take a look at our permissions manager article from KB:


Thank you so much for your reply Prasant. I really appreciate it. I’ll be sure and check out those settings.

And thanks too for keeping the classic elements!

Woo Hoo!!


You’re most welcome N!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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