Classic Custom Headline doesn't appear at top of Column

I added a Classic Custom Headline to my Column 2 but it won’t appear at the top… how can I align it with the top of my Image in Column 1? Thanks

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Thanks for writing in! Could you please try assigning the class name mtn to your custom headline and see if that helps. For more information, please check (


Hi, mtn works by itself but when I add mtn; with-line it doesn’t work…

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You don’t need to add other characters in the class field, you only need to place the class names and separate them with a space, not with a line.

Here is a link to the CSS class index that you can use:

Hi there, I need with-line in the class field to have this line feature in my custom header:

However they don’t seem to be compatible with each other…

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I am not sure where you got the with-line as I don’t think X has that as a ready class.

If you have gotten that from another website, you will also need to add the CSS styles for that class.

X has a built in option for this though there you do not need to add any class to an element to add the line. Try using the a Classic Headline element instead and enable the Accent option.

Hope this helps.

I got the with-line advice from this thread:

The line is working for me as I want it too, however it seems to cancel out mtn…

I am using the Classic Custom Headline.

Is there a way to have mtn (moving my classic custom headline up one space) and with-line working together?

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If you want to use both, make sure that you add them in the same element’s class field and separate them with a space like: mtn with-line-2 and not mtn; with-line-2

Hope this helps.

That works, thanks very much!

You’re welcome.

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