Child Theme update and Cornerstone issues


It has been taking me a while to finish my site. In the beginning it seemed great but over time, with new stuff being added over and over especially with the visual composers and cornerstone, it seemed to complicate the learning curve and prove irksome when page designs prior to “updates” no longer behave/display as intended.

For example, something as simple as background color will now have white spaces and margins when it was intended and designed prior to have none of those. And edit as much as i can I can’t seem to get rid of it with the new cornerstone. I might have to start from scratch per page just to relearn how current cornerstone works. I am quite disappointed.

But my priority right now is knowing what to do with child themes. I have a child theme installed but it is of the earliest version. In this link Update child theme, it suggests to update the child theme. On another link No update child theme it suggests that once a child theme has been installed there is no need to update it at all.

Which is it? And if I am to update the child theme, how do I go about this safely and will this delete the pages I have worked on thus far? The child theme is an issue I’m considering as the cause as to why some cornerstone issues might not be working that is why this is my top concern right now.


Hi there,

Actually, both of the threads are correct. In the normal circumstances, you will not need to update the Child Theme and install the updated one and move your customization from the old child theme to the new one.

But it might be the case if the Child Theme is too old and there is a major release. If you added the Child Theme while using the version 4 of the theme then you will need to install the new version of the Child Theme by downloading it from your Themeco dashboard and move your customization to the new child theme.

If you installed the Child Theme while the theme is in version 5 then you do not need to install the Child Theme and you just need to check that the customization is correct and there are no changes in the original file of the theme.

Now regarding the issues you are experiencing, I wonder if it is related to the child theme? You can test that by activating the parent theme and see if you experience the same problems. If yes then it is not related to the Child Theme and we need to investigate more.

I suggest that you make a complete backup of your website and make sure you are using version 5.2.4 of the Theme and version 2.1.6 of the Cornerstone. If not please update them:

In case you still have issues kindly check the article below and follow the steps mentioned there:

Thank you.


I have reinstalled the child theme but am unsure if it is the latest version. I don’t seem to notice anything new since reinstalling. May you supply the link to where the latest child theme is? It somehow doesn’t seem straightforward where it can be found.

My X-theme(5.2.5) and Cornerstone(2.1.7) are also up-to-date. It is possible I just have to relearn things and it’s really different from previous versions.

Also, I keep getting notified that I am not running properly on recommended PHP 7.0 version. Investigating further the errors say that it is incompatible PHP 7.0 is incompatible with the X theme and Cornerstone. Could this be the culprit to causing problems and how are the issues with X and Cornerstone to be resolved with PHP 7.0


Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. You can find the link to the Child Theme by going to your Themeco Dashboard and clicking on the Child Themes Section:

After that, you will have an option to choose from the Pro or X child themes:

Regarding the Compatibility with PHP 7.0, our theme is completely compatible with the version 7.0, actually whatever is in active support for PHP will be ok:

The warning of the screenshot is misleading. It is talking about the preg_replace /e modifier depreciation in PHP 7. We do not use that modifier but we do use the preg_replace function which is a valid PHP 7.0 function:

Unfortunately, the tool you use considers all preg_replace usage a none compatible PHP 7.0 case which is not true.

Thank you.

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