Child theme download - no zip file

Hi, I am trying to download the child theme, but when I do so, there is no zip file, only a 24K child folder containing a ‘framework’ folder, this contains a ‘views’ folder which is empty, then a ‘functions.php’ ‘screenshot.png’ and ‘style.css’. I have tried several times on different devices but no difference. Please advise… I am not technical but this did seem straight forward. Rebecca


Thank you for writing in!

You can check how to setup the Child theme correctly following this article at our knowledge base:

Hi, I have the same problem as Rebecca.
When downloading the child theme there is no zip file.
The article in the knowledge base is not helpful since it assumes that a zip file is downloaded.

Ok. I found the fix to my problem. See below quote.

For Mac Users, it bears repeating:

“I just found out that Safari automatically unzips files, and just shows the unzipped folder (the original zip-filed is automatically trashed). This is an option that can be switched off in Safari -> preferences -> open ‘safe’files. If unchecked, zip-files download just fine and remain zip-files (and thus can be ‘seen’ by WordPress).”

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing, yes, it’s common issue in Safari and should be turned off.


Hi, thanks for this, I have only just found the will to return to this issue, thanks so much for sharing. Rebecca

@HandB … Glad you were able to figure it out as well :slight_smile: