Changing theme to pro on site with custom post types

I am about to undertake switching themes to PRO on an existing site which has quite a few custom post types and am wondering what the best process to accomplish this is to make sure the custom post types are recognized by Pro. Thanks in advance

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Thanks for posting in! How did you create those custom post type? Did you use a 3rd party plugin or added a custom code for the custom post type. If you are using a child theme, you will need to change the parent template name in your child theme so that it will recognize Pro theme as the parent theme. For example, the contents of your child theme’s style.css must have something like this:


Theme Name: Pro – Child Theme
Theme URI:
Author: Themeco
Author URI:
Description: Make all of your modifications to X Pro in this child theme.
Version: 1.0.0
Template: pro


The most important part is the Template: pro because it tells the child theme which is the parent theme.

Hope this helps.

Thank you - I have actually started with a fresh install of pro with the child theme and have imported the custom post types / field groups. The post types are now showing up, I am just not clear on how to expose the template select meta box for post types and what is the process to create a new layout and add the acf fields to display on the front end - thanks in advance.

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It’s good to know that you have successfully installed the Pro theme and it’s child theme. To know how you can use ACF plugin and display the fields on the front end, please check out this knowledge base article:


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