Changing font

I want to change the heading font size.

{Go to X > Launch > Templates > Fonts and make sure you set a specific font for the heading…this is the solution i read for changing my title /heading fonts}
but when i go to X > Launch > Templates > Fonts ; it gets stuck there - this copy is all i see
Manage all of your fonts and colors from one central location!
then nothing
the thing is i cannot launch cornerstone at all - but that is fine - i am happy with text editor, but for changing the font size of my heading i need to launch cornerstone right?
what do i do

thanks for the reply
i added the code
/* Change h tag sizes and spacing */
h1, .h1 { font-size: 35px; margin-top: -25px;}
h2, .h2 { font-size: 28px; padding-bottom: 15px;}
no change
i want to change the font in the title

i would also like to change the page symbol near the title

Hi there,

To change the font of the headings which are generated by the Theme such as the post titles, you need to go to the Font Manager and add the Proper font there and name it as you like:

Then you need to go to X > Launch > Options > Typography and select the font you named in the previous step there as the heading font:

I checked your website and see that you are using the Autoptimize plugin. You will have problems using teh Cornerstone with that plugin unless you exclude all the theme and Cornerstone assets from the minifying feature of the plugin.

Thank you.

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thanks for the reply
what do i exclude ? can you tell me specifically. because i exculded plugins/cornerstone from autoptimise and it is still the same

There seems to be a widget icon (page sign) near the title which I donot want
tried the css code

.h-widget:before {display: none;
visibility: hidden}
Didnt go. what do i do ?

Hi there,

Would you mind providing your login credentials in a secure note? I may need to check the loading issues first.

Then, about the icon, it should be like this.

.entry-title:before {
display: none;


thanks for the reply - t worked
Login credentials in a secure note ?
Is it by using the settings button on the reply tool bar and then using the hide details there?

Hi there,

It’s the button below your current reply, and with the key icon. No need to hide, the secure note are only visible between us (support) and you :slight_smile:


Hi @Rad I added this and the widget icon is gone but I was wondering if there is a place where i can simply turn it off
so that i donot have to add additional lines


I am sorry but there is no settings for this.

You need to add the code provided by my colleague.


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