Changing Font Type on Navigation Inline on Pro

I am trying to use my TypeKit fonts on the navigation bar or menu on the Pro. Please advice, I don’t know where to set my family font type.

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Thanks for writing in! When editing the header particularly the navigation inline element, you can change the font family by clicking the text in the breadcrumb, Menu > TopLinks > Text.

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I don’t have the font family from my Adobe TypeKit synched with the Theme or available in the dropdown options. I would do it with custom CSS if I knew how. I am also having difficult to specify custom font for the menus. Please advise, Thank You!

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You will need to add the Adobe Typekit in X > Launch > Templates > Fonts first before you can use it in the menu item text setting as shown above. Having this method will no longer require you any knowledge of css. To know more how you can set up your typekit font, please check this out:

Please let us know how it goes.

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