Changing font size & colors of buttons


I imported the demo Agency and now I want to change some things in it. I want to change the size of the text on the homepage under ‘We are silvertooth.A creative agency for smart businesses’. But when I do this in Cornerstone I see the change in the preview, but not on the homepage itself. How and where do I change the font sizes properly?

Same question for the colours of the buttons. I can’t find where to change the blue color of Agency into my own colors. Can you help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!


To change the font size of your heading by changing your heading level or looks like fields

If you need a specific font size, you can add an inline css in the style field of your Custom headline element.

For the buttons, you can change it under X > Launch > Options > Buttons > Colors

Thanks! And sorry for my late reply…

Hey there,

Not a problem at all, we’re very glad to hear that you seem to have everything sorted now. :slight_smile: