Changing existing template created with global blocks?

What is the best practice when building a content template? Basically I am building a template which I will use for up to 300 different pages. To my knowledge, once a template is built there is no way you can modify it globally but only do this per each individual page which in my case would be a bit of a problem.

Am I right to think that the way around would be to build a content template using global blocks which I can modify and this change would appear globally across all pages using that particular template?

Admittedly it would be a lot easier if we could access and modify existing content templates globally the same way we can access and modify the header and footer but, unless I am missing something, this does not seem to be the case.

Let me know if I am correct.

Many thanks!

Hi There @bebang

Thanks for writing in! Please go through our detailed guide here with regard to Global Blocks (

Also check the FAQs here ( which should clear your doubts.

Hope that helps.

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It did! Thank you!!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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