Change- set default font size for headline

How do I set default post headling font size?

I went to typography and selected default font for body text but cannot figure out how to make post headline smaller. Its currently default size 4px5 but I want it to be 30px

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You can add this in your Theme Options > Custom CSS :

.x-recent-posts .h-recent-posts{

Change the px number to what size you want.

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This might be caused because of the cache of some kind. If you have a cache plugin please clear the cache and also check the website with another browser, if you still have the problem kindly get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

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I added the secure notes, also the header/ logo is too close to the post, I wan the header/logo to be good enough space between each other at the bottom/ bottom spacing

Below is the perfect spacing but only looks like this n post pages and not home page/Can I have the home page look the same with that little bar and the same spacing


Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials. It is not a recent post as assumed based on the screenshot but normal headings. It should be:

.single-post  h1.entry-title{
   font-size: 167%; /* Adjust this accordingly*/

You have the following settings for Typography:

18px is your base font. As declared, that specific headline is using h1 tag which is set to be 250% of the base font which is 45px. See this:

Hope this helps.

All I have to do is post that code in global css?
I do not know what each font represents in in root font size

xs, sm, md etc

Nothing changed

Hi there,
The root font sizes that you see is for different devices, for example, the XS is for small mobiles and sm for the big mobiles and tablets, and for the big tablets and laptops …

If you want to make the font specifically small for the title of the posts you need to add the given code of my colleague to X > Launch > Options > CSS.

The original code of the theme gets the root size of the font and multiplies it to 250% for the H1 header tag. The code my colleague gave reduce that to 167%.

The code if when you click the read more and already on the single post page. But if you want to do the same for the listing page you need to add this code to X > Launch > Options > CSS:

.blog .entry-title {
    font-size: 167%;

Kindly open up new threads for additional questions as it will help us to focus on each issue and give you a better support which you deserve. Having a long threads makes the maintaining job harder and also it will be harder for the other customers to find the correct information if they have similar issues. You are always welcomed to reply to this thread to follow up the same question.

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It worked, thank you

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

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