Change of domain associated to license

Hi I was allotting a new website to my old license. Earlier it was associated with another domain but that website is no more in use so I’ve to use that license to a new domain. When I was doing it through licenses page and validation, it is giving error please help. Old domain New domain


Hi There,

Upon checking your account, it seems you didn’t assign the new URL successfully, there is an unassigned license.

So I went ahead assigned the domain to that license. Could you please try validating your website again?

Let us know how it goes!

Hi Thanks, but it is still giving same error.

Hey @gaurav-nirvana,

The error states that your host could not connect to our server. You will need to contact them for this. For more details, Please see the Contact your host section in our Troubleshooting - Validation Connection Issues article.


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