Change element default settings for Pro


For a client I am developing a website using Pro. I am looking for a way to have the default design-options according to their standards.

This would work
In this topic the following solution is provided.

/* Update the default settings for the section module */
function update_section_defaults($defaults) {
	$defaults ['padding'] = array( '45px', '0px', '45px', '0px', 'unlinked' );
	return $defaults;
add_action ('cs_element_section_update_defaults','update_section_defaults');

This only applies to classic elements.

How do I change element-defaults in Pro?

Hey @ctrlspatie,

Element Defaults is now available both for V2 and Classic elements. Please see the usage instruction at


Thank you @christian_y, that is very helpfull.

You’re welcome.

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