Change Default Text/Images Pro Header Demo

I just finished setting up the Pro Header from a Demo, but do not know where to change out the default text/images.
Finally making progress thanks to support.

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Thanks for writing in!
If you can tell us which demo template you are using so that we can suggest it better.
Different header template uses different header element, If you will select any element you can able to change text image etc.
We don’t know which element you are using so cant able to give you a proper suggestion.
You can check this article for help.


Thank you Basana.
I’m using Pro - Integrity and the Starter-Sticky bar Template.
It’s arranged ok, but I don’t know how to substitute default data with my own.

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You should be able to edit the contents of the header by clicking on the elements and the bottom panel should display some options that you can explore and change.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Jade. I had already watched that and other videos and while I see how to space text and padding, etc.I can’t see where to replace the words Time to get sticky.

I sent a screen shot to the settings for HEADLINE and I can’t find a place to change the text content.

Hi there,

When you inspect the headline, go to Setup section and you’ll see text option, click it and it will open the editing panel for the text. The content should be like this,

<span>T</span><span>i</span><span>m</span><span>e</span> &nbsp; <span>t</span><span>o</span> &nbsp; <span>g</span><span>e</span><span>t</span> &nbsp; <span>s</span><span>t</span><span>i</span><span>c</span><span>k</span><span>y</span><span>.</span>

And on same area, you can change the margin and padding. But if you’re looking to letter spacing, then go to TEXT FORMAT section and you can format the text. It’s currently set to -0.135.


Thank you Rad. I saw that but did not recognize the text between all that html.
I hope I got it now.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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