Change appearance of side bars

Hi Ya,
I don’t know CSS nor do I want to change the theme at the root so to pretty up and format my sidebars I have done the following with no success:

  1. Added plugin Black studio tinyMCE Widget ( after activating didn’t come up in widgets panel )
    2 Tried to delete minimalist text editor ‘TEXT’ widget - wasn’t able to thought it might be blocking the black studio (more features text editor)
  2. went into cornerstone customiser (Appearance>customise>widget> frontpage sidebar. ) added visual editor ( then tried to add ‘renew shortcode’ ) didn’t work - couldn’t get any more functionality out of this text editor either look ( remember website not finished - just getting back to it -

So I really want to change the appearance of my sidebars - I want to have information blocked in coloured boxes and buttons and lots of functionality like your header and footers. Please help me!

You have opened pandora’s box - not willing to settle with a limted text editor.
Can you show me how to change CSS - without affecting root theme and how I can use simple code even your short code??

Otherwise when are you launching sidebars editor in pro - they are very important if you want to develop a reputable business site with lots of information.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, you do not have access to builders when it comes to the sidebar and adding widgets. I suggest that you use the Custom HTML widget and add it to the sidebar. Use our shortcodes and add them to the widget, you will need to do it manually and no drag and drop builder will be available for you.

For example, if you want to add a button you can use the button shortcode:

Kindly check the shortcodes section of our knowledge base to get familiar with choices and stuff that you can add there:

If you have a more specific question on usage of the shortcodes or you need a tweak here and there kindly open up a separate thread for each case and we will be happy to help you around.

Thank you.

Ok Thanks

I will give it a go!
Ta Fi

Perfect. Thanks.

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