Centred text + images on pages


I’ve hit a wall and can’t see the difference between the way two pages appear on mobile view.

About Us page is very neat.

The page is mostly made up for rows with two columns, one image, one text which sits in the centre with white borders.

I’ve tried to replicate this on the homepage but the text and images ‘spread’ to the end corners of the page.

Both are blank, no container, header/footer.

Hoping you can see the difference!

Many thanks,

Hi Gemma,

It seems that you already managed to fix the issue. But the trick is to enable the Global Container option in the Row:

I am talking about the new Row system that we have. Here is a brief introduction about that:

One additional point, you can always select the sections (for example the about page section) as a template and use it on other pages. Here is more detailed information about the feature:

Thank you.

No, the issue is still there.

Please look at both pages in mobile version.

I have attached images for clarity.

Homepage not centred - Cornerstone screenshot

About Us centred Conerstone screenshot

Homepage not centred published:

About us centred published:

I am looking for the homepage to behave the same way as the About Me page.

Many thanks,

Sorry, I can’t see global container in row. I think there should be an image in your reply but it isn’t loading.

Hello @twoscotsabroad,

Please click the row element and you’ll find the option setting which may look like the following:

Column Container in Classic Row element:

Inner Container in V2 Row element:

And the new Row element with flexbox powered:

Hope this helps.

Global container is actually on already but doesn’t centre like About Me page as per screenshots in above request.

Hey Gemma,

I inspected both of your pages, on About Us page the sections which are centered and looks nice on mobile devices have the padding of 45px on each side while the full width sections (the ones with the black background) have 0 padding that’s why they look centered and with white borders on mobile devices.

On you homepage the sections have 0 padding, to make the homepage similar to the About Us page, give your sections a padding of 45px each side and for the full width sections keep the padding 0.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much. That is exactly what I was referring to.

You’re welcome, @twoscotsabroad. We’re glad that the issue is resolved now.

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