Centering a Video & Lightboxing Vimeo

Question #1 - I am trying to build a film project specific page and I am having trouble centering the video on the page.

I am ‘cheating’ it right now by padding the row 250 px from the left. Is there a way to force this to just stay centered in the full-width?

Questions #2 - Is there a better way to do this where you would just have an image there (again, not sure how to force it to be centered) and then when you clicked on the image, a light box would pop-up and play the embed from vimeo?



To center it, set padding-left of your container to zero then set margin left and right of your frame to auto

If you would like to open it in lightbox, please refer to the link below.

Check Video Lightbox Setup

Hope that helps

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