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I am using theme Agency. My website is a Veterinary clinic info site for Hong Kong. The site is in Chinese. But hopefully you understand what i am trying to say. So basically i had use demo case study to categorise all my clinics. I had add a portfolio category 24小時診所.i currently have 5 clinic that is under (24小時診所). But only 1 clinic will show up. Please take a look at my website診所目錄/

I am very new to this. What should i do here? Should i not use my portfolio to categories all my clinics?

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The portfolio filter only shows the item exist in that page only. Your port folio having a pagination where it only shows 6 items in a page, so when you click on 24小時診所 it filters that category item in the page.

Please so more item in the page so that it will filter more items from that category.
To show more item in the page please edit the portfolio page, set the item number and colum in the port folio section.

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Thank you for you reply. I totally understand what you mean. But i have a hard time finding the Portfolio setting page. Can you tell me step by step in order to find that setting.


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Please refer this article, it has everything about port folio page and its settings.

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