Category Archive Title Missing

Running PRO (all updated to latest versions) –

Working with this page:

I want to be able to add an archive title + description before the posts. Since I’m using the pro header, I tried to add a custom one to the page, but couldn’t find the category page to assign it to. Any help on being able to add this?


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The category archive title is part of the landmark header which is also part of the default header. As soon as you create a header and assign it globally, it will replaces the default one which is why the landmark header containing the archive title is no longer displaying as well. What you can do is to create another bar and insert a custom landmark header shortcode. Please check out this thread to resolve your issue:

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Only ran into one problem with the portfolio page and sorting the categories. See the page I’m talking about here:

The ‘Sort Donors’/Sort Categories button pushes the title up and under the nav bar when expanded. This behavior is different than before when the button would push the portfolio items down the page. (See – this page is not using the pro header/theme, but the behavior with the ‘sort donor’ button is what I’m looking for)

  1. Is it possible to have the ‘sort’ button push the portfolio items down the page instead of it pushing the title up and behind the nav bar?
  2. Is it possible to have the ‘sort’ button start closed instead of open/ displaying all the categories when the page first loads?


Hi @ZackKB,

I don’t see any sort button on this one I can’t tell the expanding behavior that you’re referring.

Please try adding the portfolio button first, you can do that by adding this shortcode to your header bar’s text element.



I’ve tested the page on a couple different browsers – the sort button displays for me on every one? See screenshot:

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Your bar height is only 12em. You will need to increase it to at least 20 em to accommodate the contents of the bar which is the title and the filters.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

That works- thanks!

Is it possible to have the ‘sort’ button start closed/ not show all of the filters on page load? (i.e. someone has to click on the sort button to toggle all the categories to show?)

Hey @ZackKB,

Try adding this code in Theme Options > CSS

.x-portfolio-filters-menu {

Please note that what you did here is custom. We can’t guarantee that it will continue to work in the future and in case or in that event, you’ll need to forward this to a third party developer because fixing customization issues is not a part of our support service. Please see our Terms.

The method that we support for this case is using one of our bundled grid plugins. Please see our Knowledge Base for more details.


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