Captions for lightbox gallery


I’m trying to use the lightbox shortcode on WP and Soliloquy generated galleries. It’s working quite nicely, but I would like for the image captions to be shown in lightbox mode without having to use the image shortcode for the images. Is there an easy way to do this?

Alternatively, could you point me in the right direction in terms of code - where could I start to make these modifications for my child theme?


EDIT: I meant to ask about a caption for lightbox images that would show outside of the lightbox as well.

Hi There,

The easiest way to add caption is for the image is to use lightbox_caption option available in the image shortcode.

For child theme modifications, please check this guide

Hiya, I can see I was very unclear in my first message, pardon me!

I was supposed to ask about a caption that would show up outside of lightbox mode, in the article itself. Is that possible with your existing features? If not, where is the shortcodes code located in the theme?

Thanks again, and sorry for the unclear questions! I’ll edit my first post to provide clarification there as well.

Hi There,

An image and then caption below it? Yes, to achieve that,
1.) Add an Image element. On the class field, add mbn. This will reset default image bottom margin to zero.
2.) Add Custom headline element for the caption.

Also check PROMPT element as an alternative.

For shortcode guide, see this.
For more utility classes, see this

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tips. I ended up making my own shortcode, but I appreciate the help!

You’re welcome.