Can't validate Slider Revolution or Layer Slider WP

I am using the code that I have purchased X from but still the sliders plugin is not activated.

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Both the slider plugins or any of the extension coming with the theme doesn’t need a purchase code to validate or active.
You just need to validate the theme and install and active the plugins via Dashboard -> X/pro -> Validation.
If you have any error during installation and active, you can send us the error message screenshot so that we can have a look.

There is no need to validate the plugin separately, if any extension giving a message regarding validation, you can simply ignore it.
Please check for more clarification.


Just to add to this:

The plugins will update with a valid theme license.
However if you want access to Slider Revolution’s templates or demo content, you need to purchase a separate SR license.

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Thanks. This is what I see although I can create a slider and preview it on my site. Should I ignore this warning then?

Yes you can ignore it.
Slider Revolution will keep up to date through your WordPress plugin updates page. And you have access to all of it’s features except for the ones mentioned above.

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Yes, that is normal for bundled plugins.

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