Can't Save Customizer changes

Sorry, but I have a few more newbie questions;

  1. Where do I change the fonts?
  2. Is there a way to have the headline of a post above the featured image?

Thanks again

You are always welcome!

Those are Ethos stack features that can be access on X > Launch > Theme Options > Ethos > Post Carousel | Post Slider- Blog. Turn it on. In case you have chosen Feature under Display there is an option on each Post to display this post on the carousel or slider.

1.) For the fonts options, it can change on Theme Options > Typography
2.) See this thread:
Other option aside from javascript on that thread is to update the post template directly. Copy this file: wp-content\themes\pro\framework\views\ethos\content.php on the same folder on your child theme. Then move the following line of code <?php x_get_view( 'ethos', '_content', 'post-header' ); ?> accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. This helped a lot!

I’m getting there thanks to you, but I still have a couple more questions.

  1. The demo has blog post thumbnails above the navigation, how would I go about doing that?

  1. How would I get a large picture with some buttons like this?

  2. The featured image seems to be missing from my home page?

Thank you again!!!

The headline code worked, but I can’t get the customizer to save and changes???

Sorry for all the questions.

How would I get the blog articles to display with nav bar going to the top of the screen like this example.

Thank you!!!

Hi There,

1.) The blog post thumbnails with information on hover is the Post Carousel as stated on the previous reply.

1.) Are you referring to the picture above the navigation with headline Let’s build your income? When I checked the site, it is built using Pro header builder. Bar with background image, headline and button element.

2.) Those are blog carousel. Make sure to enable a post to display on blog carousel. You can see Post Slider Display – Blog under Ethos Post settings. If you enable that option, that specific blog post will appear on the blog slider under the navigation.

Regarding the error on the customizer, please share your site URL and credentials on a secure note so we can check. It is a good practice to check for plugin conflict too. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

Blog article navigation is automatic on Ethos stack. We can check after we have check your site blog article. Is that what you are asking the blog article navigation? Or are you asking for the fixed top option of the header? You can set that option on X > Launch > Theme Option > Header > Navbar Position: Choose Fixed Top

I send a secure note with details

Attached is a PDF with some screen references.

Hello There,

There’s no error when I checked. See this:
Can you give us which specific change is not working? Then we will try to replicate to see the error.

We can hide post carousel on blog post only using CSS. See this:

.single-post .x-post-carousel.unstyled {
    display: none;

The carousel will still display on other pages.

For the blog slider see this:

Hope this helps.

You are always helpful. Thank you.

The error I was getting was when going to Appearance/Costumize/Custom/ then make the change to the code so the headline is before the picture I’m not able to lock in the change. Hope that makes sense?

For the CSS for the blog post, so I literally follow your video? I had some problems mainly because I’m not too family with CSS yet. Sorry!

If I wanted to put a Pro Header above the navigation, with Pro Header Builder? How would I go about making that Pro Header display in the area above the navigation?

thank you

Hi There,

Thank you for the clarification.
Appearance/Costumize is the same with X > Launch > Options. Then click JS icon on the left panel to open the Global JS. We do recommend to use X > Launch Options now. See this:

Now to add space between the title and the navigation heder, go to X > Launch > Options > Header > Navbar Top Height: Increase current value 60

For Pro header, you need to use PRO theme. See this:
If you have bought X license before Pro was release, you have the option to upgrade Pro for free. If not, you need a PRO license. There’s a link to buy it on your licenses page. To understand how Pro header works, see it here:

Regarding CSS, unfortunately it is a very broad topic and we cannot discuss it here. See this guide: or you can consult a web developer for further customization. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you

  1. How do I get my home page to have blog posts to appear above the nav area like the demo.

  1. On the blog post there is still lots of white space above the nav bar, how do I get rid of this so the article has more vertical space?

  1. How can I get more white space between the bottom of headline and the picture?

Hi There,

  1. Your post carousel setting was not set properly. I have now set it to random instead of feature and its coming fine.
  2. The space was due to the post causal only.
  3. I have added css for the heading and image gap issue. Now its working fine.


Sir, you are the BEST!!!

Your level of service is unbelievability good!

Thank you for putting the faith back into webs services.

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi There

I have a little issue.

  1. Click on blog/health and there no featured image.
    Also, need to remove the text category archive.

  2. Click on blog/training and behavior and there no featured image.
    Also, need to remove the text category archive.

Hi There,

I have removed the space by disabling the slider from category page. and the title through css.


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