Can't get Modern Events Calendar to work

Does M.E. Calendar and The Events Calendar go together? I’m wondering if I need both for it to work correctly. Since it comes with X, does that mean I don’t need to validate it? My purchase code isn’t valid and it’s also not valid to submit a ticket for help on their website.

The shortcodes don’t show any content when I put them in cornerstone so I’m guessing the plugin isn’t working correctly.

I see that there is a new version but it doesn’t let me update. I just deleted it and installed it again and it still says I have 2.1.0. I don’t know how to get 2.2.0. It says package not available? I have the current version of wordpress.


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I added a note. Modern Events is not currently on my live site but you may add it and get it to work. Also nothing is updated on the live site so please don’t update anything. I’m making all big changes on my local development site. Thank you!


What element have you added the shortcode?

I tried adding MEC shortcodes in my test site in classic text element and it works.

Please don’t update the plugin as the latest supported version is V2.1.0

Kindly make sure you have the following version numbers of theme and plugins

For more information regarding the plugin kindly refer to the links below.

Hope that helps.

I have the latest versions of MEC and Slider Revolution and they both don’t work. Modern Events Calendar is V2.1.0 and Slider Revolution is V5.4.6.2. I’m using the classic text element and then the shortcode just disappears. Nothing displays at all in cornerstone or in the live view.

Hi there,

I don’t get it, would you mind providing a video recording? Plus, are you deleting the plugin? I see the different plugin for an event.

Some shortcode may not work in V2 elements but should work in classic text element and I confirmed it in your site, shortcode stays there.


NOTE: I am working on my local

All the testing and updating is only being done on my development site for now, no you won’t see those. MEC is not installed on my live site, like I said.

Did the carousel view show up for you? I have feature images and it isn’t displaying.

Hi there,

I understand but there is no way we could access your local for testing. Your live site is not updated nor with MEC as you said, so there is nothing to check there.

But there is known issue with MEC shortcode and CSS and it’s already on our issue tracker, our developers are aware of it. Please stay tuned from the updates,


I have modern events calendar on my live site now. I would like the carousel view to show but it doesn’t work. All my events have a feature image.

I’m trying to change the events on our site from tabs to the MEC. The simple event plugin doesn’t allow me to have only a few posts including past and future events. There are too many on the page to scroll down to. So I’m looking for something better but MEC doesn’t seem to be working at all :frowning:

Note: Everything is updated on my local site but not the live. I won’t be updating the live because my local is completely updated with everything and I’m still having issues. I can’t even edit pages because of the “aggressive caching”. I have no caching plugins and I keep clearing cache in firefox.

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll continue checking on my own setup to see if I can reproduce this issue.


Hi There,

I have tried this is the result:

I notice that all your events are already expired, so I tried to update that specific shortcode and set the following option to ON:

That’s when I got the following error:

To see if this is not a conflict any content, I tried adding MEC Test draft page width Include Expired Events option set to ON. Still no event. Then I tried to Show Only Expired Events set to ON and it works: I left it here: Can you try adding an event in the future and then check again with Show Only Expired Events set to OFF and Include Expired Events to ON?

Note to try that on your local which is using the updated versions of theme and plugins.

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