Can't edit web pages in cornerstone since updating - help!


I have a website in development and I seem to be unable to edit any of the cornerstone pages in Cornerstone or create new Cornerstone pages…Help! When I open existing pages in Cornerstone, I can see the ‘template’ elements but the page specific data is missing. This problem seems to have started after I updated X theme and Cornerstone.

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Same here. Note able to edit pages anymore. I need this urgently!


Same issue! Have deadlines i’m missing because of this! Fix this ASAP!!!


I’m glad it’s not just me - and X theme Support seem very quiet…
Can you offer any help?


I keep getting this notice

"The preview was unresponsive after loading. This is most often related to a plugin conflict or aggressive page cacheing.
Origin URL:
Preview URL:

Hello Guys,

We are sorry about the issues you are facing.

Please refer to this article and see if you can troubleshoot the issue by following the recommendations:

If that does not help, make sure to turn off all third party plugins and test for plugin conflict.

if you are using a cache plugin please make sure to flush the cache of your plugin before de-activating it.

If after that you are still facing issues:

@pollenbird Please provide your login credentials and URL so we can take a closer look.

@Gearcidy Please open a new thread and provide new credentials. When you provide credentials it should be on your own thread. The given credentials do not work.

@seb666_de Please Open a new thread explain your situation briefly and also the steps you already tried to troubleshoot the issue and also provide your credentials in a secure note.

Thank you

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