Can't edit a header

Wordpress 4.9.7
Pro: 2.2.4

My site built in Pro, and now at 2.2.4, won’t edit my existing header or footer. When I choose those from the Dropdown, Pro doesn’t allow me to edit the existing headers and seems to think I don’t have any at all.

Site: (

I will add a login for you and attached the credentials now.

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if you are talking about default header and footer, that won’t be editable via header/footer builder.
You can manage those via Pro -> Theme Option-> header/footer. There is a very less available option.

To use header and footer builder you have to create new header or footer and assign them to any page or global.

Please check header and footer builder article.


I wish you’d spent more time looking at my issue above.

  • I built the header & footer with Pro, in an earlier version
  • Now I can’t edit the header or footer as they don’t show up in the Pro editor, as they should

Can you please try again, look at the site, and help. I am not a beginner user of your Pro software.

Hello @theotcspace,

Thanks for updating the thread and I am sorry for any confusion here.

I checked your website and can see that both in header and footer builder I don’t see header and footer. I also checked in template manager to see if there is any saved version of the header or footer. Can you please confirm that before updating, header and footer were there as this is quite surprising and weird that in update process header and footer got deleted? Did you happen to update/restore the database and that might have caused some issues?

As a possible solution, please try clearing transient cache and see how it goes. you can install and run Transient Cleaner

1. Install Transient Cleaner
2. Navigate Dashboard -> Tools -> Transients
3. Set Clear Expired Transients -> Enable
3. Set Clear Expired Transients -> Clean Now
5. Set Remove All Transients -> Enable
6. Set Remove All Transients -> Optimize Afterwards
7. Set Remove All Transients -> Clean Now
8. Save Changes
9. Recheck those problematic pages

Let us know how it goes.



I’ve tried that procedure, without any change in the situation. I run daily backups via Updraft but haven’t needed to Restore this site at all. The last time I edited the Header/Footer was in Pro 2.1 or 2.2 I think.


And I just updated to Pro 2.2.5, no change.

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We are really sorry but we are not getting any header and footer in your site that you had created.
Theme update doesn’t affect the website data, it only overrides the files. Header footer are not belongs to any files so there is no issue with update.


Mr @basanta you’re explanation makes no sense. The headers were created with Pro - why can I not load and edit them? What files are you talking about? Can’t you dig into the site and find where the header and footer data are stored by Pro?

Hi @theotcspace,

Sorry for the confusion, but unfortunately, we can’t go further if it’s data related (since it means database related troubleshooting which can’t be done within Wordpress). What I could recommend is restoring your site to when they are still working. Once restored, you can simply clone your site in a sub-domain and sub-folder as staging (please check this With staging, you could then update it there and we can troubleshoot and compare it from the working copy of your site (main site).

Let us know once the staging is available, and please provide both admin and FTP login credentials for that staging site.


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