Cannot load certain pages in cornerstone

I keep trying to load certain pages and receive the following error, no matter what. I tried disabling all 3rd party plugins and it still won’t load.

Hi threeoten,

The conflict could be with a script you load on this page specifically, please double check that there is no custom JS loaded on this page specifically, if you still can’t figure out the problem, then please send us your WordPress Dashboard login details in a “Secure Note” so we can investigate this issue.


Secure note added. There is no custom script on this page specifically. I can’t get into the page to even change it if there were. Also, other pages load just fine. The one that doesn’t is an old Global Blocks page.

Sorry but which page exactly you can’t edit with Pro theme? Could you please share the exact link? I tried these pages shared with screenshots in the secure note and I succeeded to edit them.


Any of my old global blocks pages

Hi There,

X and PRO have a native Global Block feature now, so we advise to deactivate that plugin to avoid conflict.

Even if you’re having that error on the old Global Blocks, you can still save it as a template (see what I did to Fire Notice block)

Then navigate to Pro > Global Blocks create a new Global Blocks (correspond to the old blocks) and load the template that you saved.

You can add your new Global Blocks to a page by using the shortcode or the Global Blocks Element.

Global Blocks

Hope that helps,

I don’t understand how to make a template out of my old global blocks if I can’t load it up in Cornerstone.

Hi @threeoten
Even with this preview error, you still can save it as a template. Please check this screenshot:

I’ve already saved “Natural Building” template for you.


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