Cannot activate license

This is strange. I have purchased a lot of licenses X-theme so I know how to activate a license but this time I get an error. I have entered the right url in apex and the right code in the x-theme settings. Any suggestions?

Hello @macvink,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

There seems to be some connection problem in between your and our server. Please kindly read the guide below and contact your hosting service provider for more help:


Hi Prasant, Thanks, I have many other sites installed with x-themes on the same server. No problems with these other sites concerning activation. Only with this particular website.

Update: when I paste the purchase code and hit enter, I see the URL appearing in the “manage your licenses” pages at So the connection from my website to the site works. But the message keeps teling me “We could not check if this license was valid”

Hi There,

Thanks for the confirmation!

Can you please send us the license key with your website login details in a secure note so that we can have a look on to the issue.


See secure note…

Hi There,

The provided credentials dont seem to work, please verify and provide new credentials.


Sorry, new passw…

Hi There,

I have resolved your issues and validated your site. It seems that your Cornerstone plugin was corrupted and I have re-installed it.


Thank you very much Darshana! :thumbsup:t3:

Oh no, sorry to inform Darshana but now my home page is GONE. Only the slider at the top is active.

Content in my home page is gone (see post above) so I have set the website to ‘under construction’.

Can you have a look at it? A little bit urgent now…

Update: I have updated plugins ant theme: still no luck, still fatal error.

Problem seems to be solved now:
I have replaced the functions.php file in the child theme by a standard functions.php that comes with the latest child theme. Now it seems that all content on home is loading.

Glad to hear it and thanks for letting us know!

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