Can you help me on these two issues

  1. Dear sir/Madam, I tried for more than one hour to make "About us " be centralized in the right side middle, but failed. This is such a simple demand but i cannot find how does it works in Cornorstone… VERY Depressing!

  1. I would like the following content from Happy customers

    I would be very very grateful if you can import the content for me so that i can upload to my templete


Hi Tianze,

Thank you for writing in, 1) To center the “About Us” button, you need to place that button in a separate ROW, then set the second ROW’s Text-Align option to Center.

  1. Please download the template below and import it to your Template Manager to load it to your page.

Auto demo testimonial section template

Template Manager

Hope it helps,

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