Can the Pro builder be installed separate of the Theme?

I’m just now understanding the level of control and editing differences that you have Cornerstone (ThemeCo should be more clear that that its not just the Header/Footer that is different in Pro but that the Elements give you a lot more control in Pro).

Anyways, is it possible to install only the Pro editor similar to how you can install only Cornerstone as a page builder on a different theme?


Hey @JDRDigital,

Nope. Pro is a theme with the Header, Footer and Content (Cornerstone integrated) builders. You will need to switch from X to Pro. In case you’re concerned if anything will break, don’t worry. Switching is easy. See

Once you’ve setup Pro, what you will see at first is just your old X setup. You will need to create a header using the Header builder and assign it to your pages and it will override the Classic Header. The same is true for the footer. Your content will remain as is.

For more details, please check out our Knowledge Base.


@christian_y it looks like the page builder in X vs Pro has less options.

Is this not correct? So even if Pro has cornerstone integrated it looks like it’s a different version of Cornerstone with more options. Yes?

Hi there,

Basically Pro page builder and Cornerstone are identical and they have the same elements available.

The only difference is that Pro has additional features like the Header and Footer Builder and the Design Cloud.

Hope this explains it.

Do i think have an outdated version of Cornerstone?

B/C there seems to be a difference in terms of available options. Take the Headline option in Pro, it has the follow that i do not see in cornerstone of theme X:

  • Typing/Overflow
  • Text Style + Text Format
  • Text Shadow
    And more!

So am i simply dealing with an older version of Cornerstone?

Hi There,

The latest version of Cornerstone is 3.2.5.

Either you have an outdated version of Cornerstone, or your Cornerstone Advance Mode is not enabled.

That is a feature introduced on Pro 2.1.0 / X 6.1.0 / Cornerstone 3.1.0 release. Read more about that here.

You can also check what are the latest versions on that changelog page.

Hope it helps,

The advanced mode do it!

Is it usually set on a default “off” ?

Yes, that is correct.

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