Can I make an entire new layout without deleting my actual one?

Hi guys,
first thanks for all of your help, you supported me and my work for years now.

I’m about to renew my portfolio layout (using X-Pro).
I activated the under construction plugin.

Now I would like to make a complete new layout without deleting my old one and without making a copy of my WP installation.

I know I can easily do it for the header your showed me how.
But what about the full design? Like full layout instead of boxed, extra css I added and I don’t want on the new layout etc?

There’s a way I can start with a fresh new layout without deleting my actual one?


Hello @MrK,

Thanks for writing in!

I believe you are referring to the entire website. In case of entire website, if you don’t want to lose existing changes then you either need to take a complete backup or setup a staging installation.

Having said that if you are looking to make changes in a single page then I suggest you to take a look at template manager. Please take a look at following resource for more information:


Hi Prasant,
thanks for the reply. No mayor changes to functions was just design. I used the templates and presets and commented css as you advised.

thanks for your help

You’re welcome!

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