Can I go back to XTheme from XPro?

I upgraded to XPro theme a few months back and hadn't really looked at it much.
Whilst trying to add a blogpost today, I noticed it's very different to the original Xtheme and it's slightly out of my comfort zone and that I don't really know what I'm doing. Is it possible just to select the original x theme in my Themes section to switch back without issus?

Hello @stevenprebble,

Thanks for writing in. Well technically you can replace your Pro Theme files with X Theme but that may break the overall flow of the website. Reason being Pro has been developed from ground up and uses bunch of tailored made libraries and codebase. As for the licence at the moment there isn't the option to convert from Pro back to X.

On the other hand Pro is very easy to use and flexible to core. Have you checked out our knowledge base section? I suggest you to please take a look to get yourself comfortable with Pro. That being said, can you please let us know the problem you are facing while create blog page?

Thanks for understanding.

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