Can I add my portfolio as a seperate section in Conerstone

I am creating a new page with rev. sliders and sections in Cornerstone.
After de 3rd section I would like de visitor to see my portfoliopage (overview).
Is that possible? By code or link?

I could create all images in rows and columms and give them a link to the final portfolio-items but maybe there is a quicker way.

Looking forward to your help.

Hi there,

You can use the Recent Posts shortcode and set the type of the post to Portfolio. Something like this:

[recent_posts type="portfolio" count="4"]

For more information:

Hope it helps.

Thanks. It worked but Build it all over because I don’t want to use visual composer anymore. Everything is now in Cornerstone. Thanks a lot again.

You’re welcome.

Thank you - the shortcode works to pull in portfolio elements for me, but the number equates to the columns. If I have 6 portfolio items, how to I make it two rows of 3? Can I set how many “recent” means?

Hey @mlc2475,

You would need to set the count to 3. Then, you need to add another Recent Post shortcode but this time, you need to add the offset attribute. The code should look like this:

[recent_posts type="portfolio" count="3"]
[recent_posts type="portfolio" count="3" offset="3"]

In case you don’t like that setup, we have Essential Grid and The Grid bundled in X / Pro so you have more options to choose from.

Hope that helps.