Button Shortcode In Blank Pop Up

So, I’m using the blank style pop up in Convert Plus

I added the button shortcode to the form and I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to work.

When I click on the button nothing happens. Also, it doesn’t change colors when I hover over it either. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using the following code below:

[gap size="200px"]
[wpterms id="2025"]
[gap size="200px"] [button href="https://mysite.com"]I agree[/button] [button href=""]I Do Not Agree[/button]
[gap size="200px"]

I would also link to know how can I make my “I Do Not Agree” button close the form when it is clicked on.

Do I use something like this in the short code:

function closeWin() {

myWindow.close(); // Closes the new window

Lastly I would like know how can I add a close box to a text link?

For example:
[cc-close]No thanks[/cc-close]

Please advise!

Thanks in Advance!

Hey @quituck,

Please give us the URL of the page where you’ve added the ConvertPlus modal so we could see the issue. Also, give us WordPress Admin credentials in a Secure Note so we could check the actual setup.


Okay. Please see my secure note.

Hello @quituck,

Please understand that ConvertPlus plugin will display a modal popup. You can design any content that you want to have in your modal popup. The problem is that you are trying to display WP Terms Popup plugin content inside a modal popup. This is already a conflict. You must have used the WP Terms Popup plugin incorrectly. I would highly recommend that you contact the creators of this plugin and ask them if their content can also be added inside a modal pop. Please also check more about the plugin and how you can properly set it up:

Hope this helps.

I removed the plugin, you must have checked the wrong form. The one I am using is without the plugin. My buttons are working so, I’m all set there. I had to clear my cache for it them to work. Thank you!

My second problem is I would like to know I can put a close link in the text? I want users to be able to select the “No Thanks” option at the bottom of my form to close the pop up. Any idea how I can do that?

Hello @quituck,

To close the modal using a link within the modal content, please check out this documentation:

Please let us know how it goes.

Awesome! That was very helpful.

I am all set.

Thanks Again!

You are most welcome!

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