Button link on back of Classic Card to open in lightbox

Hi! I’ve been trying to locate information on how I might be able to open another page on my WP site in a lightbox with the back button on the Classic flip Card. So when the card flips the button will say “READ MORE” and I want the page that links to to open in a lightbox.

Thank you for any guidance on this! :slight_smile:

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! The card element does not have any feature yet that may open a lightbox. At the moment the button is only use to link to another page or site. It maybe possible with custom development. Regretfully this would be outside the scope of our support.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for the fast response! I’ll check with my programmer to see if he can swing it. :slight_smile: Thanks again!! We all LOVE the X THEME!!! Sometimes we call it the “X-OXO” theme. :wink:

You’re always welcome and thank you also for loving the theme.
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