Button inside promo element

Hi, there must be a way to put a button in a promo element. Only, I cannot find it. Could you help me on my way? Google didn’t come up with anything.


Hi Nathalie,

Thank you for writing in, you can insert a Button shortcode inside the Promo element.

Hope it helps,

Aha, a whole new world opens on demo.theme.co! Do you know of other hidden “tutorial” places? This could save me a lot of time …


And then I run into that other thing that has been bugging me since starting to use templates. Where do you safely change .css? Just in the child theme directly through the wordpress editor? Where is the template css?

I haven’t been using Wordpress for that long … as you can tell.

Hi There,

This is not “hidden” but you can find a lot of information from our Knowledge Base, see the Cornerstone / Content Builder section that might be the “tutorials” that you want to focus on first.

Update: If you want to only apply your custom CSS to a specific page, you can place it in the page CSS area. There is also a CSS area on the Theme Options for global CSS.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Very helpful! thanks

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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