Building a HEADER AND FOOTER in Theme X

Part of my learning process has taken me in circles and I need to figure out how to build a header and footer in Theme X.

  1. Do I have to build the HEADER and FOOTER in X and then proceed to build pages in CORNERSTONE?
  2. I would like to keep things as simple as possible without having to learn X PRO.
  3. Please let me know where I can access a demo or guide to show me how to proceed:
    How to build a HEADER AND FOOTER in Theme X and/or CORNERSTONE ?

Hello @Phillipjf,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please note that X Theme does not comes with the ability to design header and footers. For that you need to purchase Pro licence though I see that you have Pro licences. Learning Pro header and footer builder is quite easy. We have published tutorials that will help you to get accustomed to Pro header and footer builder.


I am a total beginner and think it may be best if I were to attempt to adapt an existing Demo rather than starting fro scratch. Will I be able to adapt a demo in Theme X or do I have to work in Cornerstone?
It may sound like a stupid question but it is rather confusing to think one cannot build an entire site including headers and footers using only X.
Maybe straightforward for experienced builders but for the novice things get awry very quickly.

Your advice?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!

We have several demo available for install. You just install a demo content as per your choice then change the content with your original by edit with corner stone. Here you can find list of regular and Expanded demo available for X theme. . Just click on demo menu and it will take you to the demo section.

After decide the demo you want to use, lease login to your site and click on the “X” menu in the left. Scroll down to Demo section, choose the demo you want to setup from the drop down and then click on setup demo button. It will import all sample data and setting for your site.

Then go ahead and edit the pages through cornerstone, change the content according to yours.

Hope this is clear to you.


Thank you - I will try and get back to you.

You are most welcome! we are happy to help any time.

While you’re there, I am working on the Bed and Breakfast expanded Demo. On the main pages when I replace the background image the image is replaced but there is still a dark shade over the pic. How do I change that?
(I hope you don’t mind me asking?)

Hi There,

Absolute fine for asking question here. We are glad to help you any time.
Regarding your question, can you please send us your site URL and pointing to the section you are trying to change the image background, so that we can give you a proper solution.
Please send the URL in a secure note and if possible your login details too.


I will try to work through it and if I don’t succeed I will get back to you. Thank you.

No problem.
Our support staffs are always standing and eager to help you.

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