Bugs in the builder

Starting to lose my nerves with the builder, if i save preset and try to load the preset in different page it does not open the preset???

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A preset can only be applied to a v2 element. You can also use it in the same element.
For more information and detailed explanation, please check this out:

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Whaaat ??? So if i make a page , i make tabs section there and save that tabs preset and then make new page where i have to use the same tab preset and you say i cannot do this??? I have to make allmoust 100 artist page so i need to have the easy copy to make it . In the template manager, can i make the page template there and use it in all the 100 artist page? confusing plz help litle more.

Hello Jimi,

A preset will only save the the style settings on an element. You might be referring to a template. You can create a section/s and the save it as a page or block template. And then when you create a new page and edit the page in Cornerstone, you can load up the template. Please check out Working with templates section in this article: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/cornerstone-content-builder-layout/122/1

Hope this make sense.

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