Hi together,

I have a question about buddypress in the x them. The User menu and the Forum pages dont looks so great. Is there anny Layout possibilitys like a template file for x theme? I dont want to change the layout from all sites, im happy with the x-theme. just the layout from the Profiles, Memberpage and the forumspage.

Thanks for help.


Hi @patsorules,

Please consider that this is a customization request and outside of our support scope. We will do our best to show you how to customize but we will not be able to implement the feature for you.

Actually, we do not change much when it comes to Buddypress. the only template php files that we override in the theme can be found in the folder below:


You can use the steps mentioned here to override those file to your Child Theme and add your changes there safely.

Thank you.

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