Broken layout of Cornerstone content

Hi !
I am trying to design template for my School CPT.
I am using Pro theme and Toolset types plugin.
My basic idea was design template in Cornerstone and then past it in Toolset ‘Content Template Manager’( which is assigned to school cpt) .
But after generating Cornerstone template and pasting it in Toolset Content template manager…very few Cornerstone elements appears.Even column layout also remains invisible.
Code from Cornerstone seems to be very tricky.
So how to overcome with this ?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Please be informed that when you create a page or post in Cornerstone, it will have some cornerstone data being saved and attached to the post/page itself through meta data. This is why you cannot simply use it as your template because it will not work. Most of the contents you may have added will not display because some of the data is not there in your new post. You cannot copy and paste as certain code generated by Cornerstone and use it as a template.

The correct way of re using a page/post created in Cornerstone is to save it as a Cornerstone template. Once it is saved, you can load it again and again when you create a new post. Please check out our template manager to know more about Cornerstone as a template:

Hope this helps.

Hi !
I think this is a manual process where each time I will need to insert template manually.Can I insert any shortcode for cornerstone template in toolset content template manager .So that upon publishing any post from frontend my cs template will be automatically visible.

Hi @shriyash802,

Unfortunately, there is o such an automation that you can use because the Cornerstone is not only a shortcode, it is a page builder with many factors and custom database data which will not possible to squeeze in shortcodes. Also, the none classic elements (V2) elements are not shortcode based at all.

The other alternative you can use is to have the base post added with Cornerstone as a Global Block. It will help you to have a shortcode which then you can use in different sections of the website, but please consider that the content of the Global Block can be changed only from the global block and it will affect all the places that used the block.

Thank you.

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