<br> tags don't work in Raw HTML Boxes

Hey there

I’m trying to use HTML to create a content box. When I enter
tags to break lines they don’t work anymore. Again, my site keeps breaking with all the updates. See screenshots for difference (never mind no attachment options). Attached is the url. You can see where lines run into each other (VIP PARTY PACKAGE
$199) ETC.



Hey N,

I tried replicating your setup but <br> tags work in the Classic Raw Content in my test site.

I see you’re using an outdated version of X and Cornerstone. Please follow our update guide at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-updating-your-themes-and-plugins/62

After updating and the issue persists, please paste the code you’ve placed in the Classic Raw Content in your site so we could test it on our end.


See attached for images. Shows in Cornerstone as working but not in ANY browser. Does not work.

Hi There,

I could not replicate the issue on my end, please clear your caching features because we are still seeing old version of X on your site. I advise that you CLEAR and DEACTIVATE all your caching plugins/features while the site is still in development stage.

<br> tag works inside the RAW Content element, maybe this did not work on your because you nested shortcodes and other unnecessary HTML tags inside the RAW Content. You could have made your layout much simpler if you did utilize the Text element and Headline element.

These elements provide you with all the text formatting and text styling option.

This should have saved you from wrapping your content inside a content band shortcode and/or <span> and other tags.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Elements
See Elements in action

Hope this helps,

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