Boxed header BUT full width slideshow background at top & fullpage

Hi Guys,

I have a client that is using a now defunct theme called Duotive:

Is it possible for me to recreate the site exactly as it is using the X Theme?

As you can see the HEADER in the home page is “Boxed” on top of and slightly transparent showing a slideshow background.

All the other pages are BOXED with separate header and body, then a slideshow background playing.

Can similar be done with X theme? If so, how?


Hi there,

Our theme does not have the top boxed semi transparent feature and you will need to custom code to achieve that effect. I suggest that you use the Above Masthead functionality of our theme and add a Revolution Slider at the top of the page, then the menu and stuff will go after the slider.

It will be a little bit different from the original design you intend to do but it can be a good alternative:

Tje Demo:

Thank you.