Bottom Nav Bar & PWA Plugin?

Hi all,

Trying to find out 2 things…

  1. on the mobile version of the website is there a way with the Pro version that I can create a bottom nav bar? I want to create something like this following link on the mobile version of my site… bottom nav bar … I guess it would be the same as putting a nav menu in the footer and making it “sticky”? If there isn’t a way to do it, what plug-in do you recommend using with X-Theme?

  2. Is there a preferred PWA plugin that would be recommended to use with X-Theme? The only features that I am wanting to add with it is to save the website on the home screen of a mobile device at the press of a button, and also when events or announcements happen it notifies each user that has the PWA app on their device.

Hi @wwashington0001,

Thank you for writing in, on the Header builder of PRO you can add a Bottom bar, then use the Hide During Breakpoints feature of the Bar to only show that bar in Mobile.

You can learn more about Pro - Header and Footer Builder in the following link,

Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction

Hope it helps,

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