Bottom fixed menu

Where do i activate the bottom of screen fixed menu that is used on the “X”-demo? Your support have told me “the theme options setting”, but i can only find Static top, fixed left, fixed right, fixed top…

Hey @Smartmedia,

That’s made possible by using Slider Revolution. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Fullscreen Slider.
  2. The Fullscreen Slider has the Increase/Decrease Fullscreen Height. Input .masthead in the field. For more details, please see Advanced Layout Options at
  3. In your Page Settings, go to Slider Settings: Above Masthead and choose your Fullscreen slider. Learn more about the said setting at

Watch the video below for additional visual guidance.

Hope that helps.

Hi there,

Perfect. I will try that. Is it possible to have a video on the top instead of animation? Possible only one slide with a video.

Hello @SmartMedia,

You can add a video to your slider and use this slider above the masthead. To know more how you can integrate the slider in the theme, please check this out:

And to know how you can add a video in your slider, please check out this demo:

Hope this helps.