Blog Post Template - where to find to import

I can’t find an answer to this so any guidance to do this is appreciated. I don’t have Pro.

Is there a way to import a blog post template for X that I can use everytime I do a new blog post? I see in the demos some very nice layouts and I just want something simple to use.

If I install the demo content now it will override what I have. My site is and I have Ethos set up.

Thank you!

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Are you using Cornerstone in creating your blog post item? I would recommend that you edit the post back in Cornerstone and save your blog post as a template so that you can use it every time you create a new post item. To know more about our templates and template manager, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Ok, @RueNel thank you so much for the reply, and that makes sense. And yes I have Cornerstone. But… is there a template from anywhere that I can import and then use? I am not the best designer and want to start with something that I can change. Right not it is blank.

Any advice to find something like this greatly appreciated.


Hey Bryan,

Regretfully, there is no pre-designed template for post content yet. Our starter templates currently for page content. I mean you can use it for your posts but their design is commonly used for pages.

For now, you will need to create a post and save it as a template like @RueNel suggested.


@christian_y Darn, ok no worries, at least I know. Thanks for the response!!

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