Blog page and a News Page

Hi I have looked online at the forum etc and can’t find an answer to the following any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

  1. Is it possible to contact the post links on the blog page (mine is styled using integrity theme) so that they are not all different heights on the page and the 3 columns are in alignment all the way down the page

  2. Is is possible to also create a separate news page which would also act like the blog page I have ?

Any advice appreciated I will put the link in secure note

Thanks Tim.

Hey @Basstimg,

  1. Regretfully, this is not possible in Integrity. It would require custom development which regretfully is outside the scope of our support.

  2. You would need to use either The Grid or the Essential Grid plugin which comes bundled in X. Both plugins also has an equal height option so you can use it as an alternative to Integrity’s display.

Please see the links below for more details regarding those plugins.

Hope that helps.

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