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To Whom It May Concern,

Sorry if this has been asked before but I have spent the last 2 hours going through blog formatting topics and they are pretty much useless…when trying to find exact answers to very specific questions in the knowledge base. Too much information and topics to really help.

I have 3 full blown websites created using the Pro theme.

I have created a look and feel for the sites to represent my companies and their message. Now I want to add a blog section but I cannot use the the Pro Editor and the V2 objects to create a post listing page or the single post page. That was a surprise but I guess it would be really difficult?

  1. Why is it when I navigate to the Blog section of the Them Options I do not see my designated blog post page, but i see the Home Page?

  2. If everything is based on the Stack and the setting in a particular stack, how can I use the light version in Integrity for the blog and the dark for the web site pages? Would I have to create a separate site like and set that site up to use one version of the stack one way and keep the website the original version? Would my pro license cover both, since it is the same domain?

Hi @baddog,

Thanks for reaching out.

Blog index where post listing is displayed is a reserved Wordpress page. It can’t be edited by any builder other than template customization. And I checked your sites and I don’t see any blog, perhaps you haven’t created a blog page that Wordpress can use for listing.

In that case, please check this (skip the page template, it’s automatic in X/Pro theme). And setup your first Blog index page, again, it’s a reserved page so it can’t be edited through the builders, even Gutenberg (Wordpress’ own builder) can’t do it.

This is Wordpress limitation and restriction and has no connection with Pro features. But if you wish to create a custom listing (but not actually a blog listing), you can then use the Essential Grid or The Grid plugin for displaying recent posts to your preferred pages.

As for your two questions,

  1. It always displays the home page, unless you already on the blog page (front site) and hit Theme Options from the admin bar, then it will display the Blog page (if you already have an existing blog page).

  2. It’s not possible, each stack has unique features and can’t be mixed together. But yes, you could do a sub-domain (separate installation or a multisite setup) and have a different stack. And since it’s just the same site/project and just separating the sections then you don’t need a separate license.


Sorry forgot to add the link to the blog

There are two test blog posts displayed

I did create a separate blog post page and already assigned it the setting.

Hello @baddog,

I am a bit confused with the reply you have posted. Can you please elaborate a bit more? I can see the two test blog posts on the 3d Discussions page. Please elaborate the question or problem you are facing and we will be happy to assist you further.


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