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I’m looking to make grids for my recommended affiliate marketing categories, how do I do this with Xtheme?

Hey Ryan,

Regretfully, I’m not sure what I’m going to suggest based only on a short description. Would you mind providing a lot more context? What design and functional features are you looking for.

If you’re looking for how to use the Block Grid shortcode, please see the documentation at

Alternatively, you can also try using one of the bundled grid plugins. Please see the items below:


“You can use any page builder plugin for this, and I recommend you do use one, or just use shortcodes provided by your Theme so you can make a grid of images. We built Dirt Bike Planet using the blockgrid shortcode in X Theme.”

This is an example of what I’m to build on a page.

Hey Ryan,

In that case, please see the usage of the Block Grid shortcode at I previously have given the link.

If you’re using Cornerstone, the Block Grid is also available as an element. It’s the Classic Block Grid.

Just drag and drop the element to the content and edit each Grid Item. You can add an image in the Grid Content using the Rich Text editor.

For more details about Cornerstone usage, please see our Knowledge Base.


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