Black friday deal

hi there,
is the black friday deal on already?
or what are the regular prices for x and pro?
thanks a lot :wink: kai

No worries, Kai. X is part of ThemeForest’s Cyber Week Sale and it’s currently priced at $29.

There’s currently no announcement for Pro.


thanks christian! what is the regular price for x? thanks, kai

The regular price is $59 so it’s close to 50% off.

thanks christian! i saw the 50% signs all over. but since i forgot the regular price i did not know if the 29 was already the reduced price :wink:
so, now i am off shopping :wink: best wishes, kai

You’re most welcome, Kai and happy shopping!

something i always wanted to know:
why are there two fields on the manage your licenses page?
production and staging.
and what does it mean if a product key is red? i converted that license to pro. now the number is red.
thanks a lot! kai

Hello Kai,

For each license code, you can use it to validation your staging site and your production site at the same time.

if ever you have converted the license from X to Pro, you will have two license. One is the X license and the other one for the upgraded Pro theme license. When it is in red color, it indicates that the license is unlock and can be transferred to other account. You must lock the license at all times.

When it is locked, it cannot be transferred or used to register a new APEX account.

Hope this helps.

hi rue,
thanks a lot for your explanation!
so if the licence is locked it can not be transferred to a different account. meaning an apex account. but it can still later be transferred to a different url/domain - yes? because this is possible with my x licenses, too.
thanks again! kai

Hey Kai,

Just wanted to add first that Pro is on sale for $60. X to Pro conversions are 25% off.

To your questions:

Yes, that is correct.

Yes. The proper term to use though, just to avoid confusion in the future, is revoke or un-assign because the license is transferable only between Apex accounts. Revocation or un-assigning can only happen in the theme’s Validation page or the account’s license page.

In X or Pro > Validation, you can see the Revoke Validation link.

Hope that helps.

thanks christian for your clarification and great help! best wishes, kai

You’re most welcome!

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