Best way to add content block to all blog posts?


What would the best way be to add a content block to all of the blog posts without having to individually edit each post? For example, the blog will have the same text and same button, and I would like for it to appear at the bottom of every “Posts” style page.


Hi There @clientattraction

Thanks for writing in! This will require some template customizations and please note that customization requests are fall beyond our scope of the support. So we only provide a general guidelines on how achieve certain modifications.

Having said that, first you need to setup a child theme and activate it by following our guide here ( Then you can add the following example code into your child theme’s functions.php file and then implement your own content accordingly.

function themeco_add_content_below_blog_posts() {
	if ( is_singular('post') ) {
  		echo "<p> This is My custom content </p>";
add_action('x_before_the_content_end', 'themeco_add_content_below_blog_posts');

Hope that helps.

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