Best Practice for full width rows but content with margins

Hi folks,
My client’s website got a bit messed up after the big upgrade from 3.x to 6.x. Rows with bg colours are no longer full-width and some content text begins at the very left edge of the screen.

Under the current X, what is the proper way to crate a typical home page which:

  1. Allows for full-width rows with bg colour fully extending to each side (ex. call to action row)

  2. while other rows of content have text which doesn’t begin at the very left edge of the screen but is centered with some left and right margin/padding.

I’m not sure of the correct approach in terms of Page Layout selection and Visual composer row settings, etc.
I look forward to your wisdom :slight_smile:

Hi Gilles,

Thank you for writing in, did you inherit that website? 3.x to 6.x is a long jump and yes it will break things and it will need adjustments.

I see that pages are built-in Visual Composer, I would advise that you rebuild those pages using Cornerstone. Rebuilding those pages should not be that time consuming since you already have the design and content, that would actually save you time in the future because of continuity (easier to maintain because you’re the one who created it).

You can rebuild the pages first on a draft page then save that page as a content template so you can load that to your live pages later.

Template Manager

In Cornerstone, you can make a Section a Fullwidth by turning OFF the Row’s Inner Container option, leave it On if you don’t want the content of the section to go the edge of the page.

To make sure that your page can go Fullwidth, please use a No Container, Header | Footer page template.

Knowledge base


Thanks so much friech… you’re truly awesome! your reply helped immensely.

You’re correct, I inherited the website. I’m willing to convert to the Cornerstone builder, although I’ve never used it before.

The client has another website which uses VC so naturally, they’ll be hesitant to switch since they know Visual Composer, albeit “little”.

In your opinion, what can I relay to them to convince them that it’s worth switching and the learning curve associated with switching to Cornerstone?

Hello Gilles,

Shifting to Cornerstone will need a little patience and guts. The interface is different so you’ll have to get familiar the panels at first. As you create the page, you’ll find more easier than VC. Cornerstone will give you more controls to create the section, rows and columns. Nesting of rows and columns are much easier too. With regards to adding element, you can simply select which element and then you drag it to the column where you want it to be. Each element that you add have a full detailed element settings. You can set the box shadow, borders, paddings, margins, font style and text format. You can even insert an ID, custom class or even insert an inline element css.

Hope this helps.

Thanks RueNel. Yes it helps immensely.
However, due to the learning curve for the client, they’ll stick with WPBakery Page Builder for now. Perhaps they’ll want to move in the future.

By the way, Can you clarify something please?
The site is using WPBakery Page Builder (WPBPB), I also notiec JS Composer in the Extensions available (extensions folder).


  1. Is WPBPB the same as JS Composer?
  2. Should I install JS Composer?
  3. Is WPBPB part of X and do we receive free updates with the theme?

I look forward to your response,

Hey Gilles,

WPBakery Page Builder is formerly known as Visual Composer so they are the same. If you install any of the bundled plugin with X, we will provide the free updates of those plugin on our end.

Hope this explains it.

Thanks Jade.
Let me me more clear :slight_smile:

In my installed plugins list I have: WPBakery Page Builder.
In the Extensions which came with X, there is the extension, JS Composer (file:

Is the latter Visual Composer? If so, what happens when I install it? Will I have two page builders? Will the site break?

I look forward to your wisdom,

Hi Gilles,

WPBakery Page Builder is the same as Visual Composer and the directory name of the plugin is js_composer.

If you install it will appear as WPBakery Page Builder in your plugin list so you do not need to install it if you already have it on your site.

Hope this is clear.

Very clear… Thanks a bunch Jade, much appreciate the prompt and effective support. :grinning:

Hey Gilles,

We’re glad we could help.


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